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Abby has the experience, expertise, skills and track record that you would expect from any top notch real estate broker. But what really distinguishes Abby is her personal commitment to you, her focus on getting the job done, and her astuteness is handling situations. This all added up to our house being under contract in less than two weeks in a very slow real estate market.

Abby is a busy broker, but she always makes you feel as if she is working for you and you alone. Even when tied up in a meeting or a showing, Abby will take a few moments to make contact and arrange an early time to call back. When you have a question or concern, Abby will handle it promptly, courteously and with her full attention.

Abby keeps on top of all the transaction details, stays as much in control as possible, and ensures the process keeps moving forward. When “Abby is on the case” things just get done, quickly and thoroughly. Nevertheless, it is impossible to prevent all surprises. One example was that a survey showed our septic field encroached on a neighbor’s property. Abby quickly contacted all the necessary parties, and helped us develop a plan of action for handling the situation. She has the experience, the resolve and the contacts to sort out problems.

Abby does not just “follow” the transaction process from one step to the next, but seeks to obtain “the best outcome” from each step. For example, she sought to build excitement when the house first came on the market by scheduling showings back to back. Later, when a third party was slow to complete their task, Abby used her relationship with the party to help expedite completion and stay on schedule.

All the above give Abby that special edge as a real estate broker. We recommend her very highly.