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Following a phone interview with Abigail Davidson it was my strong opinion that she would be the perfect realtor to list my Santa Fe, New Mexico home with. Her pleasant composure, extensive knowledge, lengthy list of advanced real estate certifications, and a very happy positive attitude convinced me.

This decision was correct on many levels, from helping with price-point, to professional visual and other marketing techniques, to helping with offers and ultimately coordinating a myriad of inspection and other issues that needed remediated in a timely manner prior to closing.

The energy and time which she placed into the whole process was just unbelievable.

She maintained amazing level-headedness throughout, and kept me completely informed helping guide me through so many unforseen issues regarding the home itself which arose during this time.

My circumstances did not permit me to actually ever meet Abby, but I felt very comfortable placing this very valuable asset in her care. Her very personal attention from listing to sale, accompanied by a professional warm hearted attitude always made me feel like I was her ONLY client, which is far from the case, as she has a quite vibrant and robust real estate business.

I would hire no other if I were to need a realtor in the Santa Fe region!